Learning Success

Igniting passion in students and helping them take ownership of their learning. Provide student-centric tools to help teachers drive successful personalized learning. Give them the tools to identify where students are mentally and academically in order to provide the right resources at the right time and, thus, elevate learning engagement and commitment.

Inclusive Community

We can make the world a better place if we can view those different from ourselves as equally human. Deo takes people to a place of vulnerability to search deeper and track the root of their biases through reflection and sharing of personal stories. Deo trains people to be open and to listen without making judgments to protect their perspectives.

Diverse Workplace

Breaking down the walls of separation and discrimination/prejudice by embracing multiculturalism. Challenge organizations to get out of their comfort zones and build relationships with non-represented cultures within their organizations. Tools and strategies to combat the false assumptions that prevent organizations from maximizing diversity.


Let's Work Together!

Deo leverages his creativity as a choreographer and storyteller to engage, motivate and help people, organizations and communities take ownership of their aspirations and goals through his presentations.

Some Organizations Deo Has Worked With

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