A lifelong student himself, Deo Mwano educates and motivates people to grow and to help others. At the same time, he is always open to what others can teach him. As a person who loves challenges, Deo seeks to identify and solve problems for businesses, nonprofit organizations and students across the country. He is a team player who is passionate about creating innovative ways to improve technology, education, customer experiences, business partnerships and overall organizational culture.


Deo recognizes that problems and solutions do not occur in a vacuum. So he credits much of his success to his emphasis on the importance of global and social awareness and its impact on student and employee behaviors. Deo is humble. He recognizes that failure is part of the learning process and works quickly to acknowledge and fix his mistakes.

 Deo leading a workshop at Clark University

Deo leading a workshop at Clark University

Discipline Expertise and Action Expertise are two of Deo’s core strengths. As a discipline expert, he works with people to understand what impacts their behaviors (the Will-Drivers). He has worked with diverse demographic groups in the study of  “Motivation to Action”. This has allowed him to design trainings that identify behaviors and characteristics which impact individuals in both positive and negative ways.

In the area of action expertise, Deo analyzes data and develops detailed action plans for his clients to ensure their success. These customized programs, projects and initiatives consistently lead to positive results for businesses, educational institutes and non-profit organizations.

Deo’s creative approach enables him to provide a 360-degree view of whatever situation is at issue. In order to ensure effective design solutions, this requires:

  • A deeper dive into the user experience
  • Evaluating potential opportunities
  • Normalizing the problem
  • Dissecting the users’ touch points. 

The last step in this creative process is designing relevant solutions and enjoyable experiences for businesses. At times, this requires organizational restructuring, upgrading technologies, goal alignment, prioritization and social/human perspective shifting.

Now is time to take a creative approach that gets results and to develop a strategy for improving the daily functions of your business or nonprofit organization. To learn more, please email us today. Let’s collaborate!

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