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Deo Mwano is an innovative multi-cultural leader in education, leadership and social justice. He holds his BA in International Relations and History and MBA in Strategic Leadership. Deo has many years of experience working with K- University level students. His strong attributes include Discipline Expertise and Action Expertise. He enjoys working with people to understand what impacts their behaviors (the Will-Drivers) and worked with diverse demographics studying “Motivation to Action”. Deo takes analyzed data and creates action steps to improve results and ensure success for companies and organizations he is working for.


Creative Approach

Deo recognizes that problems and solutions do not occur in a vacuum. Deo seeks to identify and solve problems for businesses, nonprofit organizations and students across the country. Deo will help you develop a strategy for improving the daily functions of your business, school or nonprofit organization. 

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Deo is passionate about driving student success through the introduction of non-cognitive skills. Deo Mwano is the director of I Am My Own Champion (IAMOC). It helps students identify how they learn best and then educates and coaches them on how to implement and maintain successful learning skills and habits.

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Deo Mwano serves a large community.We Are All Human—a community discussion on race and inclusion created by Deo—provides a positive environment to discuss cultural differences. By helping participants to confront their biases, the program has had much success in facilitating engagement nationally.

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Deo Mwano has many years of experience collaborating with international organizations and immigrants from all over the world. As a former refugee himself, he understands the different dynamics of working with international cultures and populations.

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