A daring escape from the Democratic Republic of the Congo led Deo Mwano to a life of freedom, inspiration, appreciation, and the desire to persevere to excel.

Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Deo Mwano is an innovative, multi-cultural leader in education, organizational leadership and social justice. He teaches, inspires, and motivates students to follow a path of self-improvement and dedication to others. In doing so, Deo draws on his often traumatic personal experience as well as his educational background.

Growing up during a violent civil war, Deo faced much misfortune. At age nine, he became the patriarch of the family. It wasn’t easy. But after moving to the United States in 2000 with his mother and three younger brothers, he found his voice.

A gifted performer and presenter, Deo connects with others through dance and motivational speaking. His talents have been welcomed at Yale University, NHPR’s Word of Mouth, The Moth storytelling at GCIR annual event, TEDxAmoskeagMillyard, Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC), WJLA TV, and Politics and Prose, which emphasized the importance of global and social awareness.

Deo works with international and national businesses, universities and nonprofits. His core strengths include Discipline Expertise and Action Expertise. As a discipline expert, Deo helps people understand what impacts their behaviors (the Will-Drivers). He has worked with diverse demographic groups, studying “Motivation to Action”. Deo’s action expertise has enabled him to analyze data and create steps to improve results and ensure success.

Deo earned his BA in International Relations and History and MBA in Strategic Leadership. His honors include being recently named to 40 Under 40 as an emerging leader in New Hampshire.



Deo with newly resettled refugees from Bhutan

Deo with newly resettled refugees from Bhutan

Deo has years of experience collaborating with international organizations and immigrants from all over the world. At an early age, he, along with his family, volunteered to help new African immigrants adapt to American life. Deo worked as a community advisor for the Pakistani Leadership Institute. He led projects through College For America, as well as an innovative program through the International Institute of New England.


As a learning engagement designer, Deo Mwano works with K-university level students to develop learning models. He has presented at national conferences such as Educause. He is also the director of I Am My Own Champion (IAMOC).

Deo at Yale University leading I AM MY OWN CHAMPION workshop

Deo at Yale University leading I AM MY OWN CHAMPION workshop

Never satisfied to rest on his laurels, Deo expanded his education expertise working for College for America at Southern New Hampshire University in many positions. These included Team Lead Learning Coach. Deo was also responsible for developing student success skills through coaching and training.


Dance is a universal language and Deo believes it empowers people. Deo taught dance and movement as an adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University. He has helped students learn culture and history through different street dance eras. His choreography has been performed in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia through the Youth with a Mission Performing Arts Program. He even co-choreographed a special that he and his brothers performed for the TV show Dancing with the Stars.

Deo and his family performing on Dancing With The Stars TV Show

Deo and his family performing on Dancing With The Stars TV Show

Deo Mwano’s speaking topics include:

Persevere To Excel – Deo Mwano’s Life Testimony

Take Ownership of Your Success – Develop self-efficacy to live out the best version of yourself everyday

The Power of Education – How education opens new doors

Building Authentic Relationships – Getting to know people for who they are

Beat the social media Algorithm  – Confront social media manipulation

We Are All Human – Confront your biases in order to see others as human

Can You Hear Me Now – Congo’s Instability Caused by the Country’s Rich Mineral Deposits and How We Are All Connected

Power Of Forgiveness – The Personal Impact of Not Forgiving

Faith With Action – The Power of Acting with Faith

Deo presenting as a keynote speaker

Deo presenting as a keynote speaker